Our resources are live in the cloud, which have being continuously updating by domain experts and educational platforms around the world. Our courses are specifically designed to get you hired! We researched hundreds of top tech companies what specific skills they are looking for in candidates including skills for the modern workplace like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and coding.


We built an exclusive community in Discord of like-minded people to help you learn and grow. These connected geeks share resources, experiences, and perspectives through blogs, discussions, tutorials, etc. They're there to help you when you're stuck or feeling low. A community is about people having close relationships with each other & we encourage our members to do so.


The modern workplace doesn't just require domain expertise but also the ability to work in teams to achieve shared goals. To improve the necessary soft-skills of the workplace we encourage community members to conduct brainstorming sessions, talks, workshops, contests, and hackathons throughout the year.


Learning is most effective when you're able to apply it on projects. We inspire to build/innovate new projects which can enhance or improve the quality of life in exponential ways. You'll get support to generate ideas for your project, collaborate with other students on that group project and build a production-ready app with a team of students from other disciplines.