What's the dilemma for a 21st century learner?

  • Flooded Resources
  • Lack of Guidance & Motivation
  • Expensive and Risk Worthy Solutions
  • Difficult to Stand Out
The Problem

The Learning Cone

"I see & I forget, I hear & I remember, I do & I understand"

How to maximize your learning & stand out?

  • 1. Be a Community Member & Join our Discord Server

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  • 2. Build your Learning Squad

    Build your learning squad
  • 3. Set your Learning Goals

    Set your learning goals
  • 4. Connect with the Experts & Follow Them

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  • 5. Participate & Follow Community Events

    Community Rituals
  • 6. Showcase Yourself

    Showcase Yourself

What do you get by being a member of this club?

Enrich Your Portfolio

Get Started with Programming

Increase your Skills

Awesome Learning Network

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Discover New Opportunities

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