Who we are?

We're a team of lifelong learners, an enthusiast Discord-based community to support individuals through the learning revolution.

In other words, "The AS8 organization" is the first actual developer community of Bangladesh where everyone can join, collaborate on projects, connect with each-others, and grow together. Most of the typical Bangladeshi students find it difficult to start their programming journey. We are here to help them out by providing necessary resources, mentorship, and organizing code jams, hackathons, and different events throughout the year. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in innovative ways and to create a learning experience that is fun, and fruitful. You can be a member of our core-team.

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Our Core Team

Ahammad Shawki

Founder | Team Lead

Arko Chowdhury

Project Contributor | Coding

Essam Sami

Content Creator | Audio

Nawrin Jahan

Content Creator | Graphics

Redowan Haque

Social Strategist | FB

Tausif Al Mukit

Content Creator | Graphics

Mehzabin Fiha

Content Creator | Writings

Hasnine Sami

Social Strategist | FB

Nahiyan Taseen

Content Creator | Writings

Shahjahan Shanto

Content Creator | Video

Audrija Dhar

Content Creator | Writings

Al Naheen

Project Contributor | Coding

Morshedul Hassan

Social Strategist | FB


Social Strategist | Instagram

Muntajim Saimon

Research & Development Officer